Shipping Costs Based on Distance

Automatically calculate the shipping costs based on the shipping distance. This unique Shipping Method is designed to calculate the exact shipping costs based on the distance between your store and your client, using the Google Maps API. You enter the shipping fare, your adress and an maximum or minimum and a new shipping method is made. Perfect when you have to deliver some big things!

This shipping calculator can be used world wide with your own price

Ever wanted to include the shipping price directly into the checkout-process? If you enter the address of your store/warehouse, the extension will automatically calculate the shipping price to your client's address. All you need to do is enter the minimum and maximum distance together with the price per kilometer/mile and your good to go. This is the perfect solution if you want to transport a product by yourself or by an external company. In this way you don't have to do the calculation yourself and slow down the progression of the order. This extension works with Google Maps and can be used worldwide.


Select different rates for different ranges.

Now you can select a Fixed price or a Calculation method based on the distance and price per metric. Now you can, for example, give free shipment inside a range of 100km the normal rate between 100-200 km and a higher rate above 200 with the maxium distance you indicated.

This is the perfect solution if you want to transport a product by yourself or by an external company. In this way you don't have to do the calculation yourself and slow down the progression of the order. This extension works with Google Maps and can be used worldwide.

Set your own Google Maps API Key on big requests

Whenever you have more then 2.500 API requests per day to the Google Maps API you can easily enter the obtained API key that you have from Google. More about the plans and pricing can be found here; For Magento stores with less then 2,500 API requests per day you don't need an API key.

Technical Product Features

  • Enter a maxium distance to disable the extension as soon as the distance exceeds your maximum
  • Calculate your own shipping cost, choose betweeen a fixed price or per metric
  • - Enter a start price
  • - Price per kilometer or mile
  • - Minimum price
  • - Maximum price
  • - You can round off the price to decimals, hundreds and thousands!
  • Uses the default currency
  • You can enter multiple ranges with different metric prices
  • Select the shipping method for applicable countries
  • Use with unlimited store views
  • Onestepcheckout compatibility
  • You can use the extensions with unlimited products and customers
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Works Worldwide!

About Magmodules

We are a Dutch Magento® Only Agency dedicated to the development of extensions for Magento®1 and Magento®2. All our extensions are high quality coded by our own team and our support team is always there to help you out.

Extension Features

  • NEW Utilizes the new Google Maps API V3
  • NEW estimate shipping block for product page
  • Works with onestepcheckout
  • Uses Kilometers or Miles as a metric<
  • Easy configuring of the starting price and price per kilometer/mile
  • The option of external or own transport

Our customer about the Shipping Costs Based on Distance

17 customers
  • Rating
    Review by Christian on 4/9/2016
    Excellent extension, does exactly what it says on the tin! Very easy to use
  • Rating
    Does exactly what I want plus more!
    Review by Tysonatsfjoon 4/1/2016
    I searched forever looking for an extension that does just this. I have a heavily modified store and it works great! Thank you to the developers that made this amazing shipping extension.
  • Rating
    Great extension, great support!
    Review by Hoppaon 2/23/2015
    Bought this extension a few years ago, it works great!Last month i needed some support, wich i received very quick and the support was very helpfull. Great extension, great company!
  • Rating
    Very good extension
    Review by Davidvanegmondon 2/3/2015
    This is a great extension. It works very well and the support was excellent. I can recommend this extension to everybody. There are a lot of settings to choose.
  • Rating
    Review by Kumar_sharmaon 2/3/2015
    Fantastic extension and support. Thank you Frank!! :)
  • Rating
    Great product, excellent suppport!
    Review by JinCarton 1/19/2015
    I ordered the extension and the installation service for my website, Then I found the mileage calculation with errors when I placed some testing orders with different delivery addresses. I emailed to Frank with my questions and new requests, and quickly I received his email. About 3 days later, I see the improvement that I expected. It shows the Google map mileage and driving distance calculation correctly and precisely. I also see the new feature of minimum order added on. What a great work they have done in such short time. I really, really appreciate it. I wish I could give them five real gold stars. Just can't thank him and his team enough. Thank again to Frank and your great team. I will bring more users to Jin Cart from San Francisco.
  • Rating
    Great Extension and absolutely scalable
    Review by Littlescraton 8/19/2014
    For one of our customers, we managed to increase the kilometer-zones and added several weight-zones to get the right calculation for the shippings costs.This extension is absolutely flexible and the support is one of the best support we know: quick response and good advices :)(hide)
  • Rating
    Do exactly what it should
    Review by Janon 7/7/2014
    Great extension with great support.
  • Rating
    Top oplossing voor een goede prijs!
    Review by Bluebirdmediaon 5/2/2014
    Het was gemakkelijk te installeren en het werkt simpel zoals ik had verwacht! Een zeer goede oplossing voor een goede prijs
  • Rating
    heen en terugreis
    Review by Benon 4/23/2014
    Het zou fijn zijn als je ook aan kan geven dat je de heen en terug reis berekent.
    Nu moet de eigenaar de prijs verdubbelen.

    Toevoeging Magmodules:
    Dan raden we aan de verzendkosten per kilometer te verdubbelen.
  • Rating
    This extension does what is supposed to do, really simple
    Review by Rdijkon 4/9/2014
    This extension does exactly what it supposed to do.Installation is really simply. In 2 minutes the extention is operational.
  • Rating
    Awesome Extension! Must Have if you deliver
    Review by Carlon 1/1/2014
    Really great extension! Helped us reduce our fuel cost and limit our delivery areas. Before it was hard to limit our delivery area to 25 miles. This extension does everything we need and more. Highly Recommended!
  • Rating
    Amazing Extension. Will Decrease Your Fuel Cost On First Day
    Review by Johnsonsorganicon 1/1/2014
    We are a grocery delivery store and was running into a few issues with some of our orders.Customers were outside of our delivery area, but we couldn't limit delivery range and importing zip code wasn't practical for our store.There is tons of different tolls in our area so we would pay each toll which comes out of our profit.We use trucks to deliver so our fuel charges were very high.This extension really helped us address each of the issues. Our customers are happy and we happy.Thank you for building the extension.(hide)
  • Rating
    Great extension and superb support!
    Review by Goretexon 9/19/2013
    A great extension that needed some modifications to work properly because of another extension that made some changes.The response of the support was even late in the evening under the 5 minutes!They made the modifications for me so the extension worked well.Great company, great support!(hide)
  • Rating
    Very useful if store ships items directly. Wonderful support!
    Review by Endreon 7/11/2013
    I have to say the support has been amazing. We can warmly recommend this extension.
    The price calculations are embedded directly, no more user interaction required.
  • Rating
    Best Extension Ever - Fantastic Support !!!
    Review by BDT2121on 5/20/2013
    I purchased the extension for our furniture website, the extension did not quite do everything we required our demands were high. I contacted support not expecting to get any reply but within a couple of hours they made contact and developed the extension with the add-ons we required. The extension is working brilliantly and the support is prompt and very understanding. Highly Recommended.If you want to see this working on our site visit
  • Rating
    Works great!
    Review by Peter van Kastwijkon 3/19/2013
    We use this extension for my furniture shop and it works great! Thanks!


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Version 1.8.5, release date: 22-10-2018
* Added new debug/log function

Version 1.8.4, release date: 25-05-2018
* Updated to comply with new Google API requirements
* Small code updates

Version 1.8.3, release date: 27-09-2017
* Added Google API field. (A Google API key is needed for over 2,500 requests per day)

Version 1.8.0, release date: 12-04-2016
* New estimate shipping block for product page

Version 1.7.5, release date: 21-01-2015
* Added a new calculation table for unlimited ranges!
* It's now possible to calculate based on the address or postal-code
* It's now possible to use a minimal order amount
* Better configuration for minimal and maximum distance
* Better Translation files (NL & ENG)
* Small improvements

Version 1.5.3, release date: 13-02-2014
* Added free shipment option

Version 1.5.2, release date: 13-02-2014
* Set error message on distance > allowed distance
* Small bug fix

Version 1.4.0, release date: 18-05-2013
Now you can select a Fixed price or a Calculation method based on the distance and price per metric.
For example, give free shipment inside a range of 100km the normal rate between 100-200 km and a higher rate above 200 with the maximum distance you indicated.

Version 1.3.0, release date: 13-05-2013
* Added one-step / two-step function.

Version 1.2.0, release date: 02-04-2013
* Added support to set minimal shipping pice
* Added new round option (ceil / floor)
* Updated manual

Version 1.1.0, release date: 28-03-2013
* Updated API to Google Maps JavaScript API v3
* Added Dutch translation

Version 1.0.0, release date: 27-02-2013
* First release

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Availability: In stock

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