The Default Magento® 2 Themes, the LUMA and the Default, comes both with the Rich Snippets activated. We have the solution to disable theSnippets and use an extension to generate the right Rich Snippets Data.

magento 2 remove default snippets


Remove Default Snippets Magento

1. Magento® 2 Broken Price Snippets

When you have activated the LUMA and Default Magento® 2 themes on Magento® 2.0 and/or Magento® 2.1 you wil notice the price error in the Rich Snippets of both Themes.

You can check the error using the Rich Snippet Testing tool provided by Google:




Remove Default Snippets Magento

2. Remove the Magento® 2 Default Theme Snippets using our Free extension

To remove the default Magento® Snippets we've developed a seperate extension that we provide for free. You can download the extension package for your Magento® 2 store right here. A guide on how to install this extension can be found right here.



Remove Default Snippets Magento

2. Implement the Rich Snippet Suite for a complete Rich Snippet solution

To add the Rich Markup to your Magento® 2 store you can use our Rich Snippet Suite for Magento® 2. The Rich Snippet Suite will add a valid JSON markup for:

Your products with
Rich Snippest with the title and image
Rich Snippest with stock information and product condition
Rich Snippest with the description and product identifiers

Your Website, LocalBusiness and Organization with
Rich Snippest with your Sitename and Logo
Rich Snippest with your Company Type
Rich Snippest with your Company Contact information
Rich Snippest with your Company Social Links
Rich Snippest with your Company Information as address and opening Hours