Sort by Date

Changing the Sort Order fromt ASC to DESC
In Magento, the default sorting order can be configured both store-wide and on a categorical level.

By default, Magento shows products in category pages in ascending order. For this reason, when using the sort by date extension, newest products are shown at the bottom of the listing instead of at the top of the listing.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the default order direction for product lists from the configuration options. For this reason, as of version 1.5.0, we have implemented an extra option in the admin panel to change the default sorting directory.
See Admin > System > Config > Sort By Date > Default Sorting Direction > "Newest first". After setting this, remember to flush the Magento cache!

The changes in sorting order direction are done through the layout XML. The extension is packed with a magmodules_sortbydate.xml (see: app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/magmodules_sortbydate.xml). It adds the following to the layout:




However, due to the layout fallback in the Magento theme architecture, this may not always be sufficient to change the sorting directory. If the sorting does not change after setting this in Admin > System > Config > Sort By Date > Default Sorting Direction > "Newest first", here are some things for you to change:

1) Copy magmodules_sortbydate.xml to your theme folder and flush the cache.

2) Check if default sorting directory is set in your theme folder in local.xml of catalog.xml.

Look for instances of:


And replace them with:


Remember to flush the Magento cache after making the above changes.