How to implement the Rich Snippets

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There are 2 ways to enable the Rich Snippets for this extension. Option 1. By using the Sidebar on the homepage Option 2. Adding the custom code to the homepage It is important to use only one of the above methods.
The Rich Snippets will not work if both methods are used as there will be 2 rich data blocks.


Option 1: By using the sidebar
If the sidebar widget of this extension is visible on the homepage, you can enable Rich Snippets by enabling the extension option as you can see on the left. Please note that if you use this option, you will not need to use the custom block from option 2.

Option 2: By using a custom code
If you don't use the sidebar on the homepage, you can instead add a custom rich snippets block to your homepage. There are 2 different coded blocks. With these blocks, you can add your store rating in the CMS page of your homepage. You can find these codes in the back-end of the configuration area of this extension. 

Please note that if you use this option, you will not need to activate the rich snippets from the sidebar in option 1.  

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