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Out of Stock Notification

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When customers are on the productpage of the product they want to buy but the product seems sold out or out of stock you don't want to make them leave without any commitment. With the out of stock notification extension you can easily add a subscribe link or a direct subscribe box on your product page. In this way visitors can leave there name (optionally) and email address to subscribe. The subscriber will be added to the Grid where you can find all the subscribers and see which products are popular and which aren't.

You can automate the flow so when the product stock status is "In Stock" again, the email will be automatically sent to the subscribers, you can also do this manually from your grid so you have more control on this. The email contains a intro, the product information as the name, image and description including a "go to product" link. In this way the customer can directly buy the product as it's back in stock!

How this Out of Stock Alert/Notification Extension Works:

The Out of Stock Pack let your customers register an email address for an instant email alert if they are interesting in purchasing of any product at yours web store, however at this moment a product is out of stock. In a case, if a product is available to order, customers will obtain an automate notification about this on their email. Small button will be displayed at pages of products of your web store that are sold out. In a case of clicking on the button a pop-up window will be opened, where a customer can indicate his email and term within which he is ready to wait for a situation when a product will be available for order.

Never lose a sale again!

The Out of Stock notification overlay or block will be shown when a certain product is out of stock, in this way you will never lose a sale again. You can use this function inside your Grouped products or with your simple, downloadable and virtual products. Please keep in mind that the extension doesn't support the out of stock status of products inside a configurable product.

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Version: 1.1.5 release date: 12-04-2018 * JS fix for form key Version: 1.1.4 release date: 27-10-2017 * JS fix for product names Version: 1.1.3 release date: 13-10-2017 * Marketplace Release Version: 1.1.2 release date: 05-05-2016 * Fixed csv export * Added xml export Version: 1.1.1 release date: 13-03-2016 * Option to hide customer name on subscription * Option to limit emails per run * Improved CSS Version: 1.1.0 release date: 09-01-2016 * Bugfixes Version: 1.0.3 release date: 07-09-2015 * Added subscription succes e-mail * Added BCC option on Notification and subscription e-mail Version: 1.0.2 release date: 2015-01-20 * Bugfixes * Performance improvements Version: 1.0.0 release date: 2014-09-25 * First initial release

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