Get real time insights in your stock value and future forecast based on the order history.

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Stock Value & Forecast

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Installation via FTP or Composer Developed in The Netherlands No Risk: 15-day money back guarantee

Get real time insights in your stock value and future forecast. The Stock Forecast extension is a advanced stock report which allows you to see the quantity and value of all of your products / stock quickly and easily. Let the extension generate a forecast based on previous sales and never get out of stock again. The best extension to get insights in you optimal stock, stock value and popular products.

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  • Set your own product cost attribute
  • Calculate your optimal stock
  • Get the stock per supplier
  • Divide or multiply your stock to get an even better insight
  • Reindex the stock to calculate again
  • Set your own attribute value
  • Export the stock data
  • 15 day money back guarantee 
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Version: 1.3.2 release date: 08-02-2017 * Small improvements Version: 1.3.1 release date: 08-02-2017 * Updates for the Magento Marketplace * Removed cdata from xml export Version: 1.3.0 release date: 06-11-2016 * Support for custom cost field Version: 1.2.9 release date: 13-03-2016 * Fixed optimal stock 2 to allow negative values Version: 1.2.8 release date: 13-03-2016 * Performance enhancements Version: 1.2.3 release date: 13-03-2016 * Product status in grid Version: 1.2.2 release date: 08-03-2016 * Small performance enhancements Version: 1.2.1 release date: 07-10-2015 * Added "last sales" field in grid * Added two custom optimal stock function fields Version: 1.1.5 release date: 25-03-2015 * Added Function to add Custom Timeframes * Added Function to customize Grid Fields * Added Function to edit decimal Decimal Separator * Improved Data generation Version 1.1.0 * Better CSV/XML export * Better Forecast calculation * Added dot/comma delimiter option * Added links to knowledge articles * Small bugfixes

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