Out of Stock Notification

Whether you lose periodically your clients, who would like to buy some products at your web store, however they begin to be disappointed and, as a result, they leave your store, because they see a text OUT OF STOCK or SOLD OUT on a page of a desired product? Or maybe you even do not suspect about a fact how many clients you are losing if there are no any products in stock? If you would like to change this situation and increase a rate of sale, then In Stock Reminder app helps you in this!

How it works

The Out of Stock Pack let your customers register an email address for an instant email alert if they are interesting in purchasing of any product at yours web store, however at this moment a product is out of stock. In a case, if a product is available to order, customers will obtain an automate notification about this on their email. Small button will be displayed at pages of products of your web store that are sold out. In a case of clicking on the button a pop-up window will be opened, where a customer can indicate his email and term within which he is ready to wait for a situation when a product will be available for order.

Never lose a sale again!

The Out of Stock notification overlay or block will be shown when a certain product is out of stock, in this way you will never lose a sale again. You can use this function inside your Grouped products or with your simple, downloadable and virtual products. Please keep in mind that the extension doesn't support the out of stock status of products inside a configurable product.


About Magmodules

We are a Dutch Magento® Only Agency dedicated to the development of extensions for Magento®1 and Magento®2. All our extensions are high quality coded by our own team and our support team is always there to help you out.

Our customer about the Out of Stock Notification

6 customers
  • Rating
    Really a good Extension
    Review by Arjenbruinningon 12/15/2016
    I'm very satisfied with this extension. It works out of the box. I had some questions and Frank really answered them very quickly and thoroughly. Highly recommended!
  • Rating
    Very good extention
    Review by Steefkingon 1/7/2016
    It does all the things you would expect from it. I tested a lot of other modules with the same function. They a were horrible. This one is easy to install and works perfect. I now get more notifications from customers.
  • Rating
    Perfect! Good extension, good support!
    Review by CapKopen.nlon 12/27/2015
    The extension itself is simple and does what it's supposed to do. I had some questions about the configuration and Frank from Magmodules was quickly with responding. It was all installed and configured within a hour.
    I have worked with Magmodules before and will certainly recommend them!
  • Rating
    Great Extension! Awesome Support!
    Review by Ubikeladion 10/20/2015
    I really luv this extension. This is what I need for simple out of stock subscription and notification. Support from developer is super fast! Highly recommended for every store to have this extension. Never lose a customer again. My store is running Community
  • Rating
    Good module from great team
    Review by VadimVon 9/8/2015
    very convenient and useful module , special thanks for the support and the introduction of additional functionality!
  • Rating
    Works great 1.9.1 rwd theme
    Review by Furmanon 4/18/2015
    I installed and had an issue with the layout, it appears that I just needed to add a line of code to the css file. I also didn't flush cache and got an error but tried again and it worked fine. Script works fine, looks and works better than the free scripts I tried.


Why do we have License keys?
We are using license keys in our extensions for licensing and anti-copy purposes. The purchased extensions will only work in the Magento® installations that you have a license keys for. Each license key is linked to one domain; the license key will need to be used for the Magento® installation running on that specific domain. You can’t use the extension without a license key as you can only activate the extension using the license key we provided for you.

Every license key is valid for one single Magento® installation. A single Magento® installation is one instance of Magento®, including an unlimited amount of websites, stores and store views.

See this guide to read more about how to change or add a license key for the staging or production environment after when your moving from domain or when you need license keys for development domains.

License Key doesn't work
If you enter a license key that is not valid for the domain where Magento® is installed on, a red error message will be shown in the configuration stating that the license key is invalid and that the extension can't be enabled.
Already purchased a license key for this domain and it still doesn't work? Get in touch with us and tell us your order number (back from when you've purchased the extension) and what you see in the Server Name field just above the License Key field - we'll be happy to help.

Moving license to a new store/domain
Our extensions comes with a 6 months support and unlimited upgrade period by default. The license-key will stay active for a lifetime for that certain domain. When you move your store to a new domain, you also need a new license key which can be generated only once from your account dashboard under the my license keys tab. Please remind this is a one time feature so when you want to move the license key of your production store, just contact us. More about adding and editing a license key can be found here.

Do you need another license key for testing purposes?
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Moving to a production/live environment later?
When you want to implement the extension in your testing environment for now and move to another production environment later, just purchase the extension on the final production domain so you can add development/testing/staging keys in your account under the my license keys tab.


Trial Period

For all orders at Magmodules is a reflection / trial period of 15 days.
During this period you can try the extension and whether it will meet your expectations.
If you are not completely satisfied with a product you return within the time limit indicated. Once we receive your request with the invoice within 15 days of shipment we will deposit as soon as possible, within 21 days, the full refund would be done.

The conditions for these 15 days "Money Back" guarantee are as follows:
- The original invoice must be included;
- If the module is already installed, it is a requirement that it is completely removed from the server and is no longer in use;
- This warranty does not apply for customized products;
- This warranty does not apply for services as the installation service, you receive only the refund of price of the products.

If you want to use our 15 day warranty please contact us. We love to hear from you the following things:
- The name of the extension;
- The order or invoice number;
- Whether you want to exchange the product or refund the purchase price that you want
- If you want a refund: please enclose your bankaccountnumber;

Although it's not required to give a reason for returning the extension but we still like to hear why you had returned the product We find it important that our customers are satisfied!


Version: 1.1.2 release date: 05-05-2016
* Fixed csv export
* Added xml export

Version: 1.1.1 release date: 13-03-2016
* Option to hide customer name on subscription
* Option to limit emails per run
* Improved CSS

Version: 1.1.0 release date: 09-01-2016
* Bugfixes

Version: 1.0.3 release date: 07-09-2015
* Added subscription succes e-mail
* Added BCC option on Notification and subscription e-mail

Version: 1.0.2 release date: 2015-01-20
* Bugfixes
* Performance improvements

Version: 1.0.0 release date: 2014-09-25
* First initial release

Download Out of Stock Notification for Magento (version: 1.1.2)

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Availability: In stock

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