Magento® 2 Extensions

Magento® 2 Extensions

This new version of Magento has a whole new way on how the structure of Magento® is build up. Because of the new structure of Magento all our extensions will be rewritten for Magento® 2. The backend User Interface have some great improvements. The menu system is organised and grouped in two management functions; Ecommerce and System. In this way you have a better visibility about the store configuration and the catalog/sales section. In the product manager it's now easier to create or edit the products due a friendly and easier user interface.

Our team is currently working on developing the new extensions, the extensions with a know release date are already shown below in the listing view, please subscribe on our mailinglist so we can keep you up to date regarding the extension updates.

  1. The Feedback Company Connect (M2)

    The Feedback Company Connect (M2)

    The official The Feedback Company extension for Magento® 2. Import the Review data and show Widgets with Rich Snippets in seconds.

  2. Multi-Language Alternate Hreflang SEO tags (M2)

    Multi-Language Alternate Hreflang SEO tags (M2)

    Automatically adds alternate hreflang tags for store views based on their default language.

  3. WebwinkelKeur (M2)

    WebwinkelKeur (M2)

    Connect your WebwinkelKeur account with your Magento® 2 store.

  4. Rich Snippets Suite (M2)

    Rich Snippets Suite (M2)

    Enable Rich JSON Markup for Organization, Product, WebSite & LocalBusinesss easily in your Magento® 2 store.

  5. Channable Feed
    Release: In Beta

    Channable Feed (M2)

    Seamless feed integration of your Magento 2 Products your Channable account.

  6. Google Shopping Feed (M2)

    Google Shopping Feed (M2)

    1 reviews

    Google Shopping Feed for Magento 2 made Easy
. One extension to generate the most complete Google Shopping Feed.

  7. Winkelwagen Connect (M2)
    Release: Q2 2017 Winkelwagen Connect (M2)

    Connect your Magento 2 store with Beslist



We are still busy migrating all our Magento®1 extensions to Magento® 2