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Magento Reinvented

Finally Magento 2.0 is released and it's all reinvented, the way the core, extensions and theme files are structured is reinvented bij de Magento Crew and now it's time to get our extensions ready for this latest version.


The Challenges

This new version of Magento is great and it comes with some new features but as we have to rewrite our current extensions it also comes with some new challenges to make it all work on the new versions.


Updates Soon

We are currently working on the new extensions and we expect to launch the new versions of our extensions pretty soon, please subscribe on our mailinglist so we can keep you up to date regarding the extension updates.






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Magento 2: The New Structure

This new version of Magento has a whole new way on how the structure of Magento is build up. Everything is placed under the "app" structure and every extension has now it's own folder which contains the template, layout, js and css or less files for that specific extension. In this way it's friendlier to install/remove or develop/edit the extensions.


Magento 2: New Extensions

Because of the new structure of Magento all our extensions will be rewritten for Magento 2.0. Our team has currently working on developing the new extensions and getting trained on the new system. We have our development team ready for this new ecosystem and we will be launching our Magento 2.0 compatible extensions soon.


Magento 2: Better User Interface in the Back-end

The backend User Interface have some great improvements. The menu system is organised and grouped in two management functions; Ecommerce and System. In this way you have a better visibility about the store configuration and the catalog/sales section. In the product manager it's now easier to create or edit the products due a friendly and easier user interface.


Magento 2: Improved Performance and Scalability

There are some improvements in regards to performance and scalability the new version of magento 2.0, it now comes with the Varnish Cache integrated to help reducing server load and speed up the page load. Next to that it comes with a improved indexer functionality and a Magento Performance Toolkit to verify and optimize the system performance.