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With recurring payments, you can charge customers regularly or offer subscription products.

With this free subscription plug-in for Magento 2, you can easily enable subscriptions for all of your products within a few clicks.
Recurring payments happen in the background. The customer goes through the payment steps only once, for the first payment and Magento order.
From there, they can easily manage their subscription within their account.

You can offer recurring payments for your subscription products using the following payment methods;

  • Applepay

  • Bancontact

  • Belfius

  • Creditcard

  • Eps

  • Giropay

  • Ideal

  • Kbc

  • Mybank

  • Paypal

  • Sofort

All Subscription types in reach
On the installation of the plugin, a new attribute group is created which is disabled by default.
From these options, you can easily enable the subscription option and offer the option for multiple subscription types including the option to just offer the traditional one-time purchase.
In this way, you can set up tons of different subscription options, such as;

  • Subscription variant title

  • Subscription repeat cycle

  • Subscription repeat type in days/weeks/months

  • Subscription repeat type cycle for always or just a few times

Combine one-time and subscription purchases
It's possible to have your default one-time purchase products in the cart combined with subscription products. In case the plugin recognizes that there is a subscription product in the cart, it will force the customer to log in or create a customer account as this is required to create a customerId for the order

Inform the customer
To remember the customer that the recurring payment is going to be captured, we have added the pre-payment reminder email option within the plugin.
This email can be easily adjusted using the default Magento email template editor as well the days before the mails should be sent before the payment is captured again.
A new subscription tab will be added to the customers' account after a recurring order is completed, within this tab, they can pause/cancel or resume their subscription.

Insight as a Merchant.
The plugin comes with a complete overview grid within the sales section of Magento where you have direct insights in all your customers with an active subscription.

  • ID

  • Customer Name

  • Status

  • Description

  • Created at

  • Amount

  • Next payment at date X

  • Pre-payment reminder date X


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Release Notes Back to Top, release date: 06-08-2021


  • Send the startdate for new payments

Minimum requirements:

  • Magento 2.3
  • [mollie/magento2]( 1.20.0, release date: 09-07-2021


  • Adds Mollie subscriptions to Magento 2

Minimum requirements:

  • Magento 2.3
  • [mollie/magento2]( 1.20.0, release date: 01-01-1970

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